Australian Literacy Testing Centre

Promoting excellence in vocational education and training

We are a dedicated group of Vocational Education and Training professionals that are involved in support Government initiatives around LLN.

We supports changes for the enhancement of learning and teaching and therefore support the initiative of the inclusion of the LLN unit within the Cert IV In TAE

According to IBSA "Everyone uses (LLN) skills every day for a variety of purposes – personal, social and work. Different tasks and contexts need different types of reading, writing, listening, speaking and numeracy skills, so people need to continually develop and adapt these skills to suit new situations. Every learner in vocational education and training (VET) takes on new LLN challenges or, at the very least, uses their existing LLN skills in different ways. Many VET learners have not completed any post-compulsory education or training and they may not have experienced competency-based assessment. Some learners may have limited experience in using communication or numeracy skills in a workplace. As a vocational trainer your role is to help learners to develop and demonstrate their vocational skills and knowledge. LLN skills are an integral part of vocational competence, and so you also need to help learners to adapt and use their LLN skills to meet the demands of their vocational training and the workplace"

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