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Language Literacy and Numeracy The Dept of Industry in consultation with IBSA has recognised the need for training providers to better understand and indentify language literacy and numeracy deficiencies in students. As a result of this they have added a LLN unit as a core unit in the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. The Australian Literacy Testing Centre plans to develop tools to assist RTO’s and trainers in assessing students AQF levels. In the meantime, some basic principles are outlines below:

Establishing students’ LLN needs

a. Prior to the course
As part of the pre-course information sent to students and clients, students are encouraged to advise of any learning support needs they may have, including in the area of LLN. Where the organisation is aware that a student has specific LLN needs, they will endeavour to: b. In the classroom
At the start of a course, facilitators should: There are many variations on these icebreakers, for example: Facilitators will have many such activities – the point here is to adapt them so that they can provide some evidence about the students’ LLN levels across the macro skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking/ Listening and Numeracy.
The facilitator should inform a Training Advisor if any student’s LLN levels are substantially below the pre-requisite level and together formulate a strategy for managing the students’ progress. In some cases, it may be determined that the students’ low LLN levels will not be sufficient for them to complete the course in the set time.
As the course proceeds, trainers can continually assess and gauge their students’ LLN proficiency, progress and respond to their needs. There are many opportunities to diagnose and review the students’ LLN levels. This should present a clearer picture of the strengths and areas of LLN that may require further development, practice and feedback. If students are struggling, the option to discuss their case with a Training Advisor remains.

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